What We Do :

VendingPlus will supply vending equipment to your location, set it up, service, maintain and restock free of charge. If your machines are constantly empty and not getting filled or you are a new company looking for a vending machine service company, VendingPlus would be happy to help. We will help in providing food/snacks/drinks to your staff while cutting down on extended break periods.  You choose your favourite snacks, food and beverage and we do the rest.  There is no cost, no obligation to your company. Servicing offices, schools, students residence, hotels, condos, sporting arenas, hospitals, car dealerships, government institutions and factories in the greater Toronto area and surroundings.

Our goal :

Our goal is to make vending easy by providing Ontario with the best service, products, machines and top quality professional customer service. We guarantee that your machines will be serviced and filled with fresh quality products and at competitive prices.


Our vending Machines :

We at VendingPlus always provide great vending service with 10 years of experience behind us. Only the best vending machines will be used at your location and will never be out dated or empty. VendingPlus is only one of the few vending companies that service all of Ontario.Our full line of equipment is built and updated with today’s technology and includes built in sensors and electronic monitoring designed to create hassle-free vending.  Once the machine registers a credit, it will return the deposit if no product is delivered.Our machines are maintained, restocked and serviced regularly. Should a machine require attention for any reason a VendingPlus operator will usually respond and correct the issue within 24 hours.  We recognize the importance of having our machines running at efficient levels at all times.

Our machines are updated and programmed to accept various payment methods including coins, bills, debit/credit cards and mobile phones.

If your Ontario based company is interested in having a machine placed for free, we offer combo machines which provide both pop and snack in one compact machine, and full size machines for larger facilities. Type of machine appropriate for your company is at your discretion, depending on space and the opportunity for sales. Our company ensures fresh product by restocking weekly and we are happy to consider input from your regular clientele in order to choose the products that are right for you.

We supply coffee machines, pop/juice/water machines, snack and food machines as well as speciality items.

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